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Summer Fun Pic Dump

Posted: August 26, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Went to the grandparents this weekend…

Some of these I’ll post on my photography site, but for the most part they’re just snapshots.








You know you’re  a little too used to pumping when: You’re at work, finished pumping, and halfway down the stairs to return to work before you realize that you forgot to pull your shirt down. So your lovely NatGeo boobies in their zebra-bra (because Target had exactly two patterns of bras that actually fit your boobs) glory  are on display.

You know you’re finally achieving that state where you can’t feel every letdown sting like a bitch when: You think you’re done pumping, but you’re not, as is evidenced by the stream of milk that sprays across your skirt. Because not only were your boobs letting down because you stopped just a moment too soon, but you also forgot to tuck away the glory peaks because you got distracted gathering stuff up.

You know your four year old is a little too observant of what you’re doing when: She tries to poke her fingers in the holes of your flanges before you get the pumps put on. Because she’s seen you do it to make sure your nips were dead-center. She also cackles like a hyena when you squeak and exclaim “Get yer fingers outta my holes!”  followed by “I mean… STOP TOUCHING MY BOOBIES!”

You know you’re doing the right thing when: You’re able to give your four-year-old a 4 oz glass of “Mommy’s Almond Milk” to help boost her immune system AND still have enough milk to deliver a full day of feeding to G at the hospital! PS: You also should not be a coward and stop avoiding giving her boobjuice whenever Daddy is around.

You read that right, folks, I’m giving my 4 year old breastmilk! So… there 😛 Its not straight from the tap, but she’s still getting it.

You also know that you need to pay attention to what you’re doing when: You pop out the wonder-boobs before you have your strap-on hands-free setup ready, and end up frantically grabbing and holding the bottles under your nips to catch the streams that have sprung forth… while yet again your 4 year old laughs like a freaking hyena at you.